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Go Digital web development team builds websites and applications a little different than other agencies. Our proven track record of completing over 500 projects from startups to billion-dollar corporations has enabled us to fully mature our workflow processes.

Our approach.

We adhere to the 6 core elements to ensure the build is fit for market:

Conversion focused design

Analytical capabilities

Bulletproof security

SEO optimized

Cross systems compatibility

Built for future scalability

Getting to know your business…

We begin with a discovery & ideation workshop, we get to know your business, your requirements and how we can build a digital solution that will surpass your end objectives.

Setting the road map to success

The road map consists of phases, structured in scrum format each phase consists of tasks and milestones, you get to see what’s been completed, what were working on and what’s coming up, complete transparency and  peace of mind is what strengthens our client relationships and is a key ingredient to successfully completing projects on-time and to the highest quality.

Post project cycle

Unlike other web development agencies, we never believe that a completed project, delivered to the client is the end of the chapter. In fact at the initial discovery stage we are planning for how we can, in future, scale beyond the project scope and utilize maintenance models such as after-care services to ensure the client has a fully operating system day and night.

Ecommerce platforms

We are not shy when it comes to creating eCommerce systems, in fact more than half of our projects are eCommerce based. Since 2008 we have provided eCommerce solutions to our clients that have generated over 7 figures for their business.

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Site speed optimization

A slow loading website or application can be detrimental to your business, it can drastically affect sales, conversions and the position of results in google search engine. We take site speed very seriously in every project we build and it’s a fundamental aspect of an enjoyable digital experience for the end user.

Systems integration

Go Digital web development team ensure various systems integrate well with each other, in other words, it’s how we get systems of different technologies to talk to each-other. This will provide a better digital experience for your audiences and improve working efficiency within your organization.

Systems we integrate include (but not limited to):

CMS development

Go Digital is well versed in the most popular open source CMS platforms such as WordPress, which powers over 35% of websites on the internet. WordPress provides a cost effective solution to building a website that can handle almost every business requirement.

WordPress CMS is an excellent choice for building small to medium sized informational based websites and even online stores utilizing the famous eCommerce addon WooCommerce!

For more information on how we can build a custom WordPress website for your business, contact us!

Analytics integration

As part of every project build Go digital integrates the widely used and popular analytical tool called Google analytics. Being able to measure user behavior, events and conversions is mandatory to see the performance of both the website and marketing campaigns. Go Digital utilizes Google analytics with Google tag manager to effectively measure specific events and custom conversions.

Technology stack

Everything from domain registration, web hosting to the programming languages used are carefully determined to supplement a successful project completion.

Some of the technologies we utilize for project builds:


Backend Technologies:

Frontend Technologies:

Technology partners

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