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Our approach to design is  based on the K.I.S.S principle, keep it simple stupid! A clear and intuitive design reduces confusion and increases conversions.

“We don’t build just for functionality, we create enjoyable digital experiences, by understanding the users needs is our top priority.”

Our approach.

Our simple process to web design for successfully completing over 500 projects with tangible results.

UX Research & Analysis

Wireframing & Testing

Brand Integration

Understanding the the business and end user

UX research enables teams to design a product fit for market and address the users needs. The initial design process aligns with the overarching strategy of the business and may include answers to questions such as:


After the discovery stage the project scope has been set. This paves the way for the wireframing of which features and functions that will fulfill the project requirements.

Wireframing consists of two stages within the UX design process, low fidelity and medium to high fidelity wireframing.

Low fidelity wireframes are commonly known as basic static mockup representations that include basic content and visuals which are not interactive by nature. They are mostly utilized to map out the UI (user interface), and the architecture of features and functions.

Low-fidelity wireframes usually serve as a checkpoint for clients at the start of the design process. They assist in visualizing and testing initial draft concepts and functional requirements during the beginning of a web design project.

Medium to high fidelity wireframes or prototypes are more complete representations of an MVP (minimal viable product). Unlike low fidelity wireframes, these will include basic interactions to help visualize the interface and its core functionalities.

High fidelity wireframes are mostly created in the latter stages of the design process to communicate design decisions to the stakeholders and teams to test and validate the design into consolidating the final end product.

Brand identity integration into web design

The brand is responsible for connecting its products/services to its audiences. A strategically designed website that successfully captures and translates the brands identity will win the hearts and minds of its audiences. This is why brand identity integration is an integral part of the web design process.





Go Digital creates a comprehensive design system that can be executed with consistency across the online presence, which includes every element from fonts, colors and imagery to the shapes of interactive elements that will facilitate the user to engage with the online brand.

Frequently asked questions

If the FAQ doesnt answer your questions – please contact us for a free consultation.

On average it can take as little as 4 to 8 weeks to build small to medium sized websites ranging from 5 to 20 pages and for large websites it depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of the website and the business requirements
  •  Whether its a brand new website build or just a re-design of your existing website
  • The readiness of content that will integrated into the website
  • The time it takes to receive feedback and input from the client during the stages of design and development

For a more accurate estimation of how long your website build will take, please contact us!

How long is a piece of string? 🙂 There are too many variables to give a website a fixed cost. To get a timeframe and the budget required to build a website for your business please contact us!

Responsive design is the term used to explain how a website or web application is adaptable to any kind of device (desktop, mobile and tablet) in both design and functionality. 

At Go Digital our approach to web design and development are primarily mobile first design. Meaning that our focus is ensuring mobile friendly design and functionality before any other device. This is in accordance adopted by Google and the growing trend of user traffic coming from mobile devices.


Unlike other agencies, Go Digital states that the client has full ownership rights to the website and all its materials in its entirety. 

Go Digital provides the full website build service package where we will provide you complete domain name registration and web hosting services that you will have full control and ownership.

Go Digital provides either full training to your or your staff for managing or updating the website or if your business doesn’t have the time or resources, we can provide a monthly service based on a tiered retainer that would suit your budget. For more information please contact us!

Go Digital can provide content creation services in any language and our expert in-house copywriting team can translate from Thai to English and vice versa.

We can also provide professional photography and videography services as part of the website creation service.

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