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SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to appear higher in Google’s search results.

Many companies in Thailand lack the fundamental understanding of SEO and thus underestimate its role and importance within online marketing and business growth strategies.

“There are over 2.5 trillion searches per year conducted on the Google search engine”

Why SEO should command a higher priority within your marketing strategy?

Not only due to the fact billions of users everyday are searching for products and services on Google but here are some points that make it far superior to any other marketing channel:

SEO Process

Our campaigns are driven by data. No guesswork – just the facts. We offer a 90 day performance guarantee which provides you with peace of mind that we are driven by results and won’t just take your money. We do however recommend that clients’ come on-board with a long term mindset and with the view of 6 to 12 months to drive exponential ROI to your business.

Phase 1 – Research, Analysis & Audit

Firstly, we analyze your competitors & industry and identify the critical areas of your website that are currently holding you back. We identify key search terms, that attract customers with buying intent, and craft a strategy we know will drive more leads to your brand.

Phase 2 – On-Page Optimization

Secondly, we get hands on with your site, converting it into a search engine magnet for your key terms. Your on-page optimization plays a significant role in the performance of your campaign. Not only will this stage improve your existing rankings, it also improves the visibility of your website to a much wider range of relevant customer search terms.

Phase 3 – Backlink Outreach & Content Marketing

Thirdly, we use google friendly strategies, such as content and outreach, to build high quality links to your website without any risk of penalties or algorithm updates. Gaining external links is an important for gaining high rankings especially when working in competitive industries.

Phase 4 – Content Structuring and Mapping

Lastly, we multiply your organic traffic and search visibility by using content to target your customers at different stages of the buying life-cycle. Content is our key strategy for increasing the volume of visitors to your website each month and is used to create exponential growth the longer your campaign continues.

Why choose us for your SEO services?

There are 100’s of SEO agencies in Bangkok, Thailand and they are mostly identical in what they say they can provide when it comes to SEO. Here is why we are different and why you should choose us!


SEO Success Stories.

Our obsession with getting results for our clients has paid off …


“Translation and optimisation of over 16,000 web pages into Thai, with LSI Keywords and Schema markup built-in ensuring thousands of rich snippet results for any Thai search query"


"In a collaboration between BEKO Thailand, and GO, we were tasked by BEKO with mapping their entire Thai customer journey from an Organic Search perspective, segmenting thousands of keyword variations and assigning them both a User Intent and Persona.

By understanding their customer better, it enabled BEKO as a brand to not only strengthen their core product revenue-generating pages, but also identify weaknesses and missed opportunities as well as increase brand retention and loyalty."

Our comprehensive SEO services we provide to clients based in Bangkok, Thailand.

SEO contains a multitude of services under the umbrella, in most cases a combination of SEO services are required as part of a large SEO campaign. Which type of SEO services required depends on your business type, the current status of it’s online presence and most importantly the business objectives.

Local SEO

Whenever users search for geo specific keywords, your business must be perfectly placed to appear in-front of the audience who require products or services locally.

International SEO

Perfect for business who are running their operations on a global scale. Reach audiences from all over the world with a broader SEO initiative.

Brand Management

Over 60% of shoppers utilize search engines to explore more about the brand, its products and services. SEO Brand reputation management plays a vital role in the buyers decision making process.

eCommerce SEO

Unlike a standard website, eCommerce requires a keyword segmentation strategy that aligns with where the potential customers are within their journey to make a purchase.

Technical SEO

Ensuring the website complies with search engines and its algorithms, everything from site structure to meta data is covered by our on-site technical audits.

Mobile SEO

Search and voice queries have now become the standard. Having a website with basic SEO is not enough, our mobile SEO service takes it to the next level for users on the go.

Frequently asked questions

If the FAQ doesnt answer your questions – please contact us for a free consultation.

There are several factors which can determine the timeframe for which results can be realized.

  • The level of competition within your industry.
    Generally low competition keywords start to gain traction after 30 days, with medium to high competitive keywords 6 to 12 months thereafter.
  • The current state of your online presence.
    Factors that influence timeframe for results include items such as the age of the domain name, its current backlink profile, the integrity of the website and whether the business is a startup or an established brand.
  • The business locality.
    Businesses offering local niche orientated services can expect quicker results than those targeting broad services nationwide or even globally.

Go Digital considers all variables to provide clients with realistic timeframes for achieving results. We don’t make false promises, or leave things to chance. Our SEO campaigns are data driven and enable us to progressively achieve results utilizing comprehensive reporting and analyses to forecast campaign performance across 90 days, 6 months to a year and beyond.

Be cautious regarding agencies that guarantee results. SEO is progressive in nature, and cannot be determined with a fixed timeframe or specific keyword positioning. The full potential of SEO requires thorough optimization work and certain timeframes to greatly influence the Google search engine to achieve maximum results. While low competitive keywords can gain traction across 90 days and provide a noticeable boost. It is businesses that invest in the long-term that gain exceptional ROI from ranking for medium to highly competitive keywords across 6 to 12 months.


Any type of business with an online presence requires search engine optimization. Whether your business is a clinic within the health & beauty industry or a hotel servicing the hospitality sector, SEO can not only bring your business customers who are searching for your products and services but can also enhance your online brand and generate more conversions in the form of new leads and sales.

The cost of SEO greatly depends on the scale and competitiveness of your target market. A highly competitive market requires aggressive measures to be put in place and will command a higher cost to maintain than a low key business offering niche services locally. Go Digital SEO services are neither cheap or expensive and the good news is that the cost is broken down on a month to month basis, ensuring costs are kept within budget to achieve maximum results.

When you contact Go Digital you will receive a free consultation to understand which type of SEO services are required and the monthly budget required to maintain the SEO campaign across any given time period.

Unlike other SEO agencies, Go Digital Thailand does not lock clients into any form of contract. The SEO campaign is based on a month to month retainer which is only prolonged based on performance.

Our clients have enjoyed the freedom to continue their SEO campaigns with us based on real results, which has enabled us to build strong long-term partnerships with our clients.

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